PRASM Metaphysics Color Quiz: What’s your ideal ColorStyle?


If you have to eat one of these daily for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Which character would you be from the movie Snow White?

Pick a #hashtag you would use:

What's your favorite board game?

How would you describe yourself?

What class did you like in school?

Choose your favorite movie genre:

Choose your favorite pie:

Pick a quote subject you would like:

What's your favorite color?

Color Quiz
Your color-style is Red - For Courage.
Need to get your passion up for an event, a person, a projectu2026 wear red. Red promotes courage, passion, strength, power, determination, recognition, respect, physical energy and more. And it doesnu2019t matter how much of a color youu2019re rocking u2026 it can be just an accent of red and itu2019ll still serve the same purpose.
Your color-style is Orange - For Energy & Intellect.
Orange is the color of endurance, vitality and joy. It has an invigorating effect on the senses, helping to stimulate mental activity and creativity. It physically puts you in action mode, but emotionally it softens us (in a healthy way) and inspires passion in all that we do. Orange is friendly and welcoming!
Your color-style is Yellow - For Joy, Happiness & Fun.
Yellow is the color of personal power, joy and cheerfulness. It projects an energy that says, u201cI CAN and I WILL.u201d When you feel bogged down, depressed or indecisive about something wear yellow for inspiration. This color helps you take a conscious step forward to assert yourself and live authentically.
Your color-style is Purple - For Power, Luxury, & Ambition.
Wear purple to open you up to feel and think deeply on significant matters. Purple is the color of leadership, wear it when you want to feel in control and confident that you can get things done with ease. Purple is the color of wisdom. Wear it when you want to ensure good direction in your life.
Your color-style is Blue - For Peace & Tranquility.
Blue is a calm and soothing color. Wear blue to assist you in calming your inner turmoil or anxiety. Blue is the color of verbal communication. Rock it to give you the confidence to say what you need to say without any fear or reservations. Blue gives us the ability to move fluidly throughout our day.
Your color-style is Green - For Freshness.
Green is the color of peace and universal love. Wear this color when you want to feel in tune with the world around you and when you need to be filled with an abundance of love for all. Green is also the color of transformation. When youu2019re looking to make a drastic change in your life, let this color work its magic.
Your color-style is Black - For Strength & Authority.
Black portrays power and elegance. It brings in prestigious, bold, dramatic and powerful vibes that often times make people think twice about approaching us in a thoughtless manner. Be bold and confident and make a powerful statement with black.
Your color-style is White - For Coolness & Relaxation.
White is a color of success, truth, new beginnings and purity. One feels a deep sense of clean and fresh, from the inside out, when the energy of white is tapped. It gives the notion that you are in the presence of purity, newness and something good.

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