Our philosophy is that colois more than a form expression, but also a tool to enhance your life. We believe colohas therapeutic effects. It has the ability to shift moods, elevate energies and warn us of danger.

Warm (Red, Orange, Yellow) 
These colors are associated with passion, high energy, and generally positive affects.

  • Red: passion, love, fire
  • Orange: associated with earth, autumn, represents change and movement in general, creativity, health, vitality
  • Yellow: happiness, sunshine

Cool (Blue, Green, Purple) 
Colors of nature, calming, relaxing, reserved.

  • Blue calmness, responsibility, peace, spiritual
  • Purple: associated with royalty, creativity, imagination
    • Dark purple: wealth, luxury
    • Light purple: spring, romance 
  • Green: down to earth, new beginnings, growth, renewal, abundance, balancing, harmonizing

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