Who We Are

We are a ColorStyle apparel accessories company based out of St. Louis, Missouri USA. In 2009, we launched PRASM because there were no unique, high-quality cotton, solid color low-cut ankle sock styles for men. For PRASM, we studied the meanings of color as represented through Egyptology and we successfully injected the power of color in our products – and how visual colors impact our daily lives. Through PRASM, our customers are comfortable with standing out and taking risks with their styles, through “Living life in Full Color.”

Why Buy From Us


High-quality, long-lasting products. PRASM socks are made with a Egyptian Cotton Blend and will not bleed nor shrink in the wash, and are designed to stay on your foot, and won’t slip off your heel when worn.


We believe in the therapeutic effects of color. PRASM is all about focusing on the dynamics of solid color in addition to comfort and support. PRASm helps you express yourself effortlessly through color.


PRASM has originated and introduced a superb line of eyecatching solid color sports socks, wristbands, and canvas d-ring belts. Add some flavor and swag to those feet, wrists and waistlines with dynamic color!

Learn More About Us

Study Suggests Wearing Colorful Clothes to Work Will Boost Your Pay

According to a new study [from last year, 2015], wearing colorful clothing in the office can lead to pay raises and promotions.The study was conducted by UK phone case firm Case Station and found that one in five 18 to 34-year-olds credit their promotions to wearing...

Where are Your PRASM Accessories?

PRASM's D-Ring Canvas Belts, Sports Wristbands, and comfy Color-Style Socks are a simplistic and fashionable way to spruce up your 'street wear' without overstating your look.With PRASM's unique color-style accessories, you don't have to spend hours in your...

Inspire Passion & Compassion

Since we're in the month of "love," or better yet the month of Valentine's Day, it's only right that we highlight the colors pink and red. So what energetic influences does pink have for its wearer and those who gaze upon it? Pink inspires warmth, comfort and...

The Coolness of Color!!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2016!! PRASM's key focus is all about the dynamics and coolness of color in fashion. We like to focus on color because of its power to transform the psyche of its wearer and because of the energies color tends to give off below the...

Tis’ The Season for Color!

Celebrate the holiday season and the coming new year by giving the gift of color! PRASM is all about using color as a fashion focus. Yes, we're entering the drab season of winter, but our sense of style doesn't have to suffer. Keep it colorful...

Stand out and express your personal style with quality materials made from 100% Egyptian Cotton

“Great quality canvass belt with great color options! Arrived very quickly and as described. I’m a very petite female, so I worried it would be too long but it worked. I’d recommend and would buy again.”


The wristband works perfectly with my Fitbit. Way better than the crappy wrist band they send you with the Fitbit. It’s comfortable and because I ordered purple and not black its easy to find in my drawer too.”


“Prasm Socks are like walking on clouds.”


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