There’s something about bold colors that speak to us whether we consciously acknowledge it or not. It’s no coincidence that wearing specific colors can often make us feel good, while boosting or restoring our energy and our appetite for life. Many of us probably don’t give color much thought beyond trends and fashion.


Starting from today, try to wear specific colors while keeping their psychological/energetic properties in mind. For instance, one might wear green to feel connected with people on a universal level. When wearing the color green keep that component in mind and let the color’s energies enhance your everyday routine. This same concept can be applied to all colors based on their individual properties. There’s a vast amount of information on the net about the metaphysical, energetic and spiritual properties of colors. I’ll list a few properties for the featured color-style PRASM belts in this article. Enjoy!

Blue is a wonderful color for those who have difficulty saying what they need to say. You know those times… where you walk away from a situation or discussion thinking about all the things you should’ve said, but couldn’t get up the nerve to or things that you wanted to say, but couldn’t find the right words to express it. Well blue is the color to adorn yourself with when you want to enhance your speech or self expression. It reminds us to let go and flow. Like green, blue is also consulted when the emotions need balancing, which explains why a body of water is often calming during stressful times.

 Throw in some yellow to add joy and happiness to a day that got off on the wrong start! Yellow is perfect because it teaches that opportunities await just over the horizon -think of the sun and its association with the color yellow. This color promotes self-love, self awareness and assertiveness. It immediately raises us to a place of confidence, the contagious kind! This color is meant to perk up your attitude a bit and remove you from your slump. When wearing this color think, “all is golden.”


Rock purple when you need a deep sense of peace from within rather than without. If you’re feeling out of sorts, alone or maybe like the world is against you, purple is a great color to wear. It reaffirms that true happiness and peace start from within. Purple teaches us to walk with our heads high and our hearts open, all the while knowing that we are protected by a higher power or higher consciousness. Purple teaches us to be comfortable in our personal power.

Indulge yourself in green accessories or garments when you need to feel more connected with the world and people around you.  Green restores our hearts back to universal love. This is also the color representing prosperity and abundance. Wear it to help with drawing in material abundance or to draw in that which you need more of. Green also has the ability to calm unsettled emotions, this is why taking walks in nature is often calming.

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Cheers 🙂

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