One of our focuses with PRASM accessories is dynamic color and the psychological and emotional effects they have on us. Let’s discuss the color green.
One of the primary and most abundant colors in nature is green. When outdoors you usually see the green of nature somewhere! This isn’t a coincidence, especially when you understand what the color green stands for and the energy it promotes.

Green is the color of peace and universal love. This is one of the reasons that taking walks outdoors is so calming for our spirits and physical bodies. Green resets a broken spirit or a broken heart -at least for a time. It’s up to you to maintain that peace of mind, however.
Green is  also the color of abundance. This makes sense as well when you think about how the color green is prominent in the natural world. Wear this color when you want to feel in tune with the world around you and when you need to be filled with an abundance of love for all. This abundance of universal love and peace then draws in more of what you need and desire for yourself.

Green is the color of transformation. When you’re looking to make a drastic change in your life, let this color work its magic. Toads and frogs aren’t green by coincidence. If you study the essence of the frog, you see that it is a primary symbol of transformation and evolution.
This is another color that I feel is underrated in the world of fashion. But perhaps this can change when we become aware of just how important green is to our world and our physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological well being.
So what are you waiting for? Dress or surround yourself in something green! It doesn’t matter how much or how little green you have, just mentally tuning into the color is the way to gain the benefits of it.
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Cheers 🙂
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