I had really been feeling all of the fabulous colors and abstract styles that exploded on the fashion scene in 2012! It showed me that color alone could be the centerpiece of a look, not only flashy, heavily patterned and glammed up looks, but COLOR.

I decided to post the above pic to showcase the lovely yellow. Years ago I would’ve frowned at hot yellow pants, but over the past 2 years color has exploded back on the scene and is more hot than ever! This time color is back in a very stylish and chic way, as fashion continues to evolve year after year.

So the moral of this short post, let some bold colors into your wardrobe this year! Make it the center of your attire and fashion everything else you wear around it. Not only will this set you apart from the crowd, but it’ll do wonders for your psyche and self confidence. To make a long story short, there’s the high chance of feeling like the most fabulous thing strutting! Color has the power to do this to our moods and energy! So get to strutting in your color-styles!


Post by Trice Lashea for Artsy Scribing Design.

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