When dressing ourselves, many of us have asked the question, “what color should I wear with this?” While this might seem slightly confusing at the outset, it really isn’t an issue once you learn the basics of color coordination. This week’s blog post is all about color coordination, a few dos and donts for color when it comes to fashion.

According to Askmen.com white shirts go with everything! When you’re not confident on what color looks good with which color just remember: “white shirts goes with everything!” When all else fails choose a white shirt and then top it off with any colored tie, even those with bright and bold colored patterns will work against the classic white shirt. In addition, a white shirt, made to fit your body type will always keep your style fresh and up to date. Keep them on hand!

Gray is neutral and will complement almost any color, especially those brighter ones. Gray has the power of containing vivid color in a very neat fashion. It does wonders for keeping your attire from a too colorful and “over the top” look. You really can’t go wrong with the color gray. It’s bound to take your fashion game from “so-so” to smooth, sophisticated and chic!

Matching Color Strengths
Another rule of color coordination for men and a great way to ensure you look your best is to wear colors that are similar in color strength. For instance, pastels with pastels, brights with brights and earth tones with earth tones. If you’re going to do more than one color make sure that the one color is not way brighter or bolder than the others (unless there’s only two colors and that other color is gray as we talked about before).

Utilizing the Color Wheel
The last tip is to wear colors that compliment each other. Have a look at the color wheel to the right. Colors opposite one another are considered complimentary: yellow and purple, light blue and dark orange, light green and magenta. Reference the color wheel often to help you along the way. The white dot in the middle is nice, illustrating that white goes well with other colors.

These are just a few basic tips to get you started and have you well on your way to a debonair, timeless and sharp style! Have fun with it. I don’t know about you all, but to me color coordinating the attire is a very fun and creative way of expressing yourself. Have at it!

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Trice (For Artsy Scribing and Design)


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