Since we’re in the month of “love,” or better yet the month of Valentine’s Day, it’s only right that we highlight the colors pink and red.

So what energetic influences does pink have for its wearer and those who gaze upon it? Pink inspires warmth, comfort and softness. It invites us to relax and see our immediate environment as a cozy haven for love and nurture. Pink is also a great color for those who want to feel more compassion in their interactions with others. It opens the way for letting down our guards and being emotionally available. In turn, this can make for a more relatable person.

What is it about the color red? Red is at times a rather infamous color and at other times a color you definitely wanna have in your wardrobe. Let’s focus on the positive highlights of red in honor of V-Day. Red has a power unlike most colors. It tends to have immediate affects upon its wearer or observer. It inspires action, which can be a great help in times of procrastination and apprehension. It says
“just do it!” This points to red as a color of passion. When one follows their passion they rarely have time to procrastinate or put important things off. Red tells us to follow our passion without reservation. So imagine the beauty pink and red together can make.

Pink and red are an excellent combination for the psyche because they inspire forward action without stepping on the toes (or hearts) of others. We leap toward our passion (red) with compassion (pink). So play around with these two colors in combination and let the effects do what they do for your mental.

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