PRASM Clothing is an apparel company featuring men’s and women’s socks and belts. How is the PRASM line different from other apparel companies? PRASM is different because it offers an array of beautiful, bold colors that can turn a “simple” outfit into a more expressive one! PRASM is set apart from other apparel lines because its focus is on colors and how they can be worn as, not only a stylish addition, but a positive addition to your wardrobe as well!
PRASM was founded on the thought that typical, everyday attire did not have enough solid, refreshing color. With this thought came the bright idea to incorporate dynamic, solid-colored socks and belts as a way to elevate a look from “simple” to artistic and fashionably expressive! Beyond the fashion angle, the designers at PRASM know that colors in general have significant spiritual and psychological properties attached to them. Colors come with their own vibrations or energies and contribute most effectively to our state of mind. (We’ll do future blog posts on the importance of color in your wardrobe, so be sure to come back for more).

The PRASM brand is aimed at men and women from middle school to mid-to-late forties. This line of apparel can fit into any lifestyle and compliment any wardrobe! PRASM Clothing also has an artistic niche that appeals highly to the skateboard and hip-hop genre of urban color-style seekers. PRASM is designed for those who love to draw positive attention to themselves, those who value the boldest and most original sense of self expression and those who love to look good without trying too hard!
The PRASM brand was trademarked in November of 2010 and the company has very high hopes for the future! Over the next few years or so the goal is to end up in all major department stores across the country. As far as future PRASM products go, the designers are working on new styles, designs and fabrics which will be announced as they are finalized. Keep an eye out!

Welcome, again, to PRASM Clothing! Grab a few belts and socks for yourself and add a dash of color to your life!


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