Want to be a part of something fresh and new? Want to promote and resell beautiful, color-enriched accessories? Are you looking to get involved in a new and different expression of style? If so, then PRASM Clothing could be an excellent business venture for you!!

PRASM Clothing is more than just a slick, color-style brand that does business individually with our customers, but PRASM is shooting beyond the stars as well! 

To interested companies, we offer the option to resell our belts, wristbands, and socks in your own establishment! So whether you’re an “up and coming” business or an already well-established one, we open our doors to you if you would like to join the PRASM, Color-Style revolution!! 

In addition, we offer companies the option of ordering custom colored belts! While the PRASM brand offers all the basic colors (and then some), we also love acknowledging each business owner’s personal taste! So if there’s a color that isn’t originally featured on the PRASM blog or website, then companies have the option of requesting custom made colors of their choice!  

However, this is only an option that we offer to fellow business owners who may be interested in reselling our product in their own establishment. Unfortunately, we don’t offer this option to each individual customer.

For more details on how you can be a part of the PRASM color-style revolution, find our contact information at the bottom of this page! Thank you for stopping by our blog and have a wonderful week!


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