We’ve said more than a few times that PRASM belts and socks are an excellent way to spice up your look, but beyond that PRASM belts can be worn in several different ways and the socks provide not only comfort, but a great and unique way to add colorful touchstones to your style.

PRASM is the accessories equivalent to having many flavors of candy to chose from. You can choose whatever flavor suites your taste… you can even mix flavors for a touch of “exoticness.” Do the same with your wardrobe and mix it up by including popping shades of color. Our belts and socks come in pretty much any color you want!

Not only does PRASM give you the ability to use color as a style enhancer, but you can also wear your belt in different ways (like in the two photographs above). In the weeks to come we will continue to feature various looks and ways that PRASM accessories can be worn. In some cases, it takes a lot of effort to make a fashion statement, but with the PRASM line we do our best to make sure that “flavor” can be added to your look without much thought and effort! Besides, effortless style is the best!

Find the full PRASM collection on our website at www.PRASMClothing.com. For additional information on how to connect with us, please see the very bottom of this page. Have a wonderful week! 😉
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