It’s always a bit fascinating when we come across unique ways that color is creatively used in fashion and design. It’s those accents of color that can take an outfit, a photograph, a room or even nature’s naturalness of color from the ‘same old, same old’ to absolutely breathtaking.

This month we found an ad for Johnston & Murphy to be quite appealing in its application of color to one of its classic style of boots. The slogan is even catchy: “Soles with Soul. The Classic Chukka
Gets a Reboot.” Quite interesting huh?! A beautiful addition of color is quite the “reboot” when we’re so used to seeing basic brown or black soles on dress/casual shoes. Thumbs up to Johnston & Murphy (and other designers as well) for incorporating such a unique use of color! I’d say the boots definitely have SOUL!

I find this ad to be a perfect ode to PRASM’s Color-Style focused brand. We’re all about using color to liven up the attire, as well as the nature of the individual wearing it! It’s interesting the way fashion designers are beginning to focus on accents of dynamic color these days. Color can most definitely take a look from ‘hum drum’ to one of kind with just a simple splash of color. No extra dramatic trinkets needed, just plain and fabulous color. Whether it’s socks, soles or belts and wristbands color is bound to liven up your look effortlessly.

PRASM’s Cotton-Blend Sports socks are not only a comfortable way to treat your feet, but they are great for adding a bit of style and  ‘flavor’ to your feet. Give your white athletic socks a rest for a while and try a dose of color down there! 

Don’t just live, but Live Life In Full Color!

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