When it comes to self expression, color plays an important role in helping to get a statement across without having to talk about it. Our color highlight this go round is purple. I love purple not only because it seems so mysterious and sexy, but even more so because it is the color of spirituality and personal power. So, why wear purple?

Wear purple to put you in a magical state of mind or to put you in an intensely creative zone. Purple opens the door to our spiritually expressive nature. This means that it allows you to feel and think deeply on significant matters that others might breeze right by. Purple puts us in a place of authority over our own lives and makes us royalty in our own personal court. Purple is the color that says to the world, “I know.” This means that it leaves no room for doubt in your life. You simply know that you will be okay and that things will turn out as they should.

In a nutshell, purple is the color of leadership, so wear it when you want to feel in control and confident that you can get things done with ease.

Purple is the color of wisdom. Wear it when you want to ensure good direction in your life. Purple grounds us, but it reminds us of a higher power beyond our physical existence. This makes purple a good color for balancing our spiritual natures with our physical natures.

I adore purple! It’s such a powerful color.

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By Trice Lashea for Artsy Scribing and Design.

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